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Minas Giannekas

Self-employed app developer. Building on the web, mobile, and desktop.


Personal projects


Web app for creating your own custom map of World, Europe, US, and more with colors and descriptions of your choice.

Since its launch in 2014, it's become a go-to tool for millions worldwide, used by everyone from students and teachers to executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, and travelers.

Ranked #1 in its category on Google, it's the ultimate tool for creating the most complete maps online.

HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery, PHP, Node.js, Nunjucks, SVG
Historical MapChart
historical mapchart

The historical version of MapChart featuring maps from different chronologies in history.

A favorite of history buffs, it includes World War maps, historical USA maps and more.

HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery, PHP, Node.js, Nunjucks, SVG
MapChart Mobile App
mapchart mobile app

Android and iOS app bringing all features of MapChart in a native mobile app.

Developed in 2020, after numerous requests from users of the website, it is now the only map-making mobile app available. Boasting over 200,000 downloads and a high review score (over 4,5 stars) on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Flutter, Dart, iOS, Firebase, Android, Kotlin, Swift, ASO
MapGame cover image

A browser-based, daily geography game.

You get 10 hints and 10 lives, and you try to find the hidden country on the map.

It's a Wordle-inspired game, blending geography knowledge with quick actions and fun gameplay.

HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery, Firebase
Shortcut Keeper
shortcut keeper app

A desktop app that lets you save the keyboard shortcuts you use frequently in your daily tasks.

Developed in 2021, it's a small utility app to help users with remembering and learning keyboard shortcuts. Published in the Mac App Store for macOS and the Microsoft Store for Windows.

Highly optimized and designed with each platform's design guidelines in mind.

Flutter, Dart, macOS, Windows, desktop app

Web app for making football formations with photos of players.

The only formation creator with photos of all players. A database containing 18,000+ current players and 100+ legends.

HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery, Express.js, AWS, Heroku, MongoDB


Developing websites and apps for the last 8 years. Having done work for various clients, startups, and businesses.

Well-organized person, problem solver, independent worker with an obsession for detail and performance.

Check out my personal projects, websites and apps, as well as my freelance work examples to learn more about what I can offer.

I occasionally write about web and app development stuff on my blog.


Examples of past projects I have completed for clients all over the world:

  • Development of custom map-making tools for a campsite, a chess union, a wine distributor and more.
  • Designed from scratch custom SVG maps for use in public-facing websites.
  • Added e-shop functionality to existing WordPress websites.
  • Customized WordPress plugins to extend their functionality.
  • Conversion of websites to Google's AMP HTML compatible pages.
  • WordPress blogs for individuals and businesses.
  • Website speed optimization for multiple websites.
  • Development of minimal HTML templates for a WYSIWYG website builder.
  • Wrote custom VBA scripts to automate extraction of data from large Excel files.
  • Developed Python programs to convert Excel files to other data formats.
  • Redesigned the landing page for a yoga business to bring more sign-ups and conversions.
  • Moved website with over 1,000 pages from ASP.NET to WordPress on an AWS EC2 instance.
  • Developed custom Bootstrap dashboard themes.

Always keen to learn new tools and technologies!

If you have a web/app project in mind, get in touch with me, and we can work out the details.



Talk on "Using Flutter to build a native-looking desktop app for macOS and Windows" for:

Presenting a talk for the Flutter Netherlands 2022 Meetup


Learning about geography, cartography, and maps in general.

Reading books, mainly fantasy, history, and computer science. Find me on Goodreads.

Love playing tennis, both for fun and in tournaments. Also a pretty amateur offroad driver and cook.

Recently adopted a small cat to sit on my laptop while I work (check my profile image for a surprise!).

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